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About Golden SuperStar LLC

Golden SuperStar LLC offers pickup and delivery service to all of Minnesota, including the metro skyway area. The two things that we focus on for our business is speed and safety. Sometimes unexpected delays may crop up, but our drivers will get your items delivered as soon as possible and in perfect condition. Call us for more information about our routes, rates and other policies/services.

A courier and delivery service needs to have two things down: on-time delivery and excellent customer care. With Golden SuperStar LLC you get these in spades. Our agents are committed to punctual delivery and our entire organization is devoted to ensuring that you have a positive experience. We make sure your experience with us is as pleasurable as possible, so that you bring your business back to us again and again when you need delivery of time-sensitive items. Building on these core values has been the wellspring that our success flowers from!.

Mission Statement

“We are an extension of our customers business and reputation. We are professionals at what we do. We will deliver service as requested by our customers. We will not fail our customers by promising what we can not deliver. Golden SuperStar LLC , shall foremost provide for the well being of our employees and contractors. They are entitled to the highest quality of work, a positive work environment, and the greatest opportunity for personal improvement. Those motivated to achieve their personal best are entitled to be compensated as such.”

Vision Statement

To accomplish, as a team as well as individually, respect, trust, and confidence from our customers, subcontractors and co-workers, in our ability to provide the services requested of us.”