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At Golden SuperStar LLC, we have the resources, logistics, and experience to provide the local courier service you need. Our team is available 24/7 to monitor and analyze every step of your shipment in Minnesota.

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Our Courier Services

We offer the following Courier services in Minneapolis.


Pick-Up and Delivery Services

We transfer packages, properly wrapped and labeled or with packaging in Minneapolis. It's a door-to-door service, so the customer feels satisfied to receive his package at home or office. We also have the option of pick-up Courier Service, for when you need it.

Golden SuperStar LLC's commitment is to guarantee the delivery of the product in the shortest time possible. In addition, we know the importance of knowing where our merchandise is at all times, so the different stages of the process carefully control the flow of shipments, providing constant information on the shipment status. In addition, we have a same-day courier service in Minneapolis.


Truckload Service

Our trucking service is based on providing our customers with the flexibility and reliability to move freight when they want it. We ensure that our fleet of trucks is always well maintained to ensure that it can deliver high-value, oversized products efficiently and effectively.

Also, our in-house team of experienced drivers, logistics experts, and repair and maintenance technicians are on call 24/7 to ensure that the trucks are ready on time and in optimal condition to handle your deliveries.


Medical Delivery Courier

The transportation of samples, biomedical material, and organs for transplantation is carried out using a polyurethane box. The box is coated inside and outside with a multilayer of aluminum, offering greater thermal efficiency. Our case has quality certificates. Likewise, each case has a thermometer with a calibration certificate and gel packs in the necessary quantity to guarantee the cold chain during transportation.

To meet delivery deadlines, we have a permanent monitoring center that uses a satellite control system, which allows us to validate the arrival of the package at the destination points in real time.

If you need an emergency Courier Service, do not hesitate to call us!

Delivery Process

We have simplified delivery processes:

Order Receipt

We process the package receiver's product, transaction, and address information.

Packing of the Order

We proceed with packing the goods and their organization for the dispatch of the goods.

Distribution Planning

We design the distribution routes to make all pending home deliveries safely and on time.

Package Delivery

The delivery of the goods to the agreed address is verified by photos, signed receipts, or other means.


We offer the following guarantees



We have a large and modern fleet and the ability to adapt to the circumstances agilely.



Digital monitoring tools allow customers to check the merchandise's status to see their order's status.



Schedules and frequencies adapted to customers' needs, who have assured a high rate of punctuality in departures and arrivals.