We Are Much More Than A Delivery Company.
We Are Certified Company.

Golden SuperStar LLC formed its Medical Services Division in 2006 in response to the growing demand for medical deliveries. We specialize in the delivery of medical supplies and equipment, medical records, pharmaceuticals and lab work. Historically, deliveries of these types were performed by in-house personnel, standard courier companies and taxicabs.
Regulations covering the transport of records, drugs and lab samples now preclude these standard delivery options from performing these services. Federal and State regulations governing the medical industry and the transportation industry are very specific.
Delivering records, drugs or lab samples with an unqualified individual or company exposes the medical facility or supplier to significant financial losses. This can be in the form of fines, lost revenue from product losses, loss of accreditation, and the forced termination of business.

Golden SuperStar LLC provides the following services to our medical organization customers.
HAZMAT delivery of radioactive drugs from manufactures and distributors to Hospitals and Clinics. Delivery of chemotherapy drugs and other pharmaceuticals and supplies to patient’s homes. Placement of drugs and supplies in patient’s homes.
Delivery of pharmaceutical supplies and samples to pharmaceutical reps. Storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals.
Pickup of lab specimens from patient’s homes and delivery to labs. Pickup of lab specimens from correctional facilities and delivery to labs. Pickup of lab specimens from clinics for delivery to labs. Cold storage of specimens. Delivery of medical equipment and supplies on emergency basis to operating rooms. Delivery of medical records, charts, X-rays, etc.
These are some of the medical specific services that we provide. In our experience, each of our customers has different needs and ways of doing business. We structure our operations around your specific requirements.