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At Golden SuperStar LLC you get these in spades. Our agents are committed to punctual delivery and our entire organization is devoted to ensuring that you have a positive experience. We make sure your experience with us is as pleasurable as possible, so that you bring your business back to us again and again when you need delivery of time-sensitive items.


we always use best & fastest fleets

Find a local courier service in Minnesota.

We focus on meeting the courier needs of our customers in Minnesota while maintaining efficiency in the process. Therefore, we simplify our work process, which translates into cost reduction.

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Do you need an on-time courier in Minneapolis?

Golden SuperStar LLC is a courier service company with ten years in the delivery and pick-up market that has the logistic and human infrastructure that guarantees easy, safe, and economic mobilization of packages, parts, medical shipments, and documents door-to-door anywhere in Minneapolis. We are committed to providing efficient and cost-effective service.

Why choose Golden SuperStar LLC?

We get your shipments anywhere in Minneapolis in no time. To achieve this, we have a logistical and human infrastructure that guarantees easy, safe, and economical movement of documents, packages, and freight, door to door, anywhere in Minneapolis.


Advantages of our courier services

What sets us apart from the competition is our continuous commitment to improving our logistics, innovating, and making every customer benefit from our technological development:

Cost savings

Having a company to deliver the products saves you the use and wear and tear of your trucks, vehicles, or private cars to send them.

Multiple shipments

Sending to several destinations at the same time saves time and money. We can use pre-arranged delivery routes, taking packages to several related or contiguous locations.

Fast Delivery

Customers appreciate the speed of delivery, so we get packages to the receiver faster, which is an essential element that identifies us.


Our parcel services include the possibility of tracking the goods sent by the company or the recipient

Courier Solutions

We offer multiple courier services in Minneapolis:


Pick-up and delivery service

We will pick-up, transport, and distribute your packages locally. If for some reason, you don't have the time to bring your packages to the warehouse or require a pick-up, we have this service available. Contact us directly to request pick-up services, or any other information, through our courier service.


Medical Delivery Courier

We offer specialized transportation services in Minneapolis for samples and biomedical materials in the health sector. We perform transportation at room temperature and controlled temperature of medical diagnostic products, as well as reagents and organs to be transplanted. In addition, we have Medical Courier Jobs in Minnesota.


Distribution and route

We focus on providing and guaranteeing a safe, honest, and excellent ground freight transportation service based on a state-of-the-art fleet management and control system to our customers to contribute to the success of their processes and the development of their operations.

Quick quote for your shipment

You can estimate the estimated values by the weight and volume of your shipment. It is essential to keep in mind that these values are approximate, so you will know the exact value when your packages arrive at our facilities.

With years of service experience behind us in logistics, we overlook nothing when handling your cargo—from loading to unloading at the destination and maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety and security during transit.

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